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When Baby Can’t Suck: An Advanced Course for Therapists

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Newborns and young infants who present with bottle and/or breastfeeding challenges require skilled care for proper differential diagnosis and supportive treatment that works, and caregivers deserve to meet their feeding goals.

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In this advanced course for therapists you will learn how to problem solve sucking issues in infants. What factors are limiting the development of safe efficient feeding, and how should you navigate the many tools available on the market?  Identify underlying structural problems and oral-motor/functional disorders and implement treatment strategies for latch, coordination, and feeding endurance, not just compensatory skills for weight gain! Recognize associated patterns of cranial/facial tension, head/neck/body tension and asymmetry, and how to differentially treat these issues through co-treatment and collaborative care with your team.

1 review for When Baby Can’t Suck: An Advanced Course for Therapists

  1. guamgal

    Nina is very knowledgeable in the area of pediatric feeding and provides valuable information in this course for working with infants that breast and/or bottle feed from assessment to treatment. Would love to learn even more after this course!

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