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The Wig Head Course: Anatomy of the Swallow

Do you have patients that just aren’t in your textbooks? Can’t find a pre-packaged program for your caseload? Anatomy is the foundation for all we do and the more complicated the patient, the more we need to get back to the basics.

Course description and overview

Anatomy is the foundation for all we do.  Get back to the basics with our most complicated patients. Study anatomy in a fun, hands-on way and apply techniques that will help your medically-challenging patients learn to eat.  This highly interactive workshop for OT/COTAs and SLP/SLPAs encourages participants to draw from their own experiences and caseloads for group problem-solving and discussion.  Enjoy this hands-on presentation that will encourage and motivate all participants.  Go back to your medically-challenging patients with real tools to help!


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