Tongue Tie and Oral Dysfunction: The Impact from Breastfeeding to Table Foods

How much do lip and tongue ties affect breastfeeding? As Pediatric Feeding Specialists, we must have particular knowledge about a broad area of conditions that impact infant feeding, whether from the bottle or the breast, and up through the competent transition to Table Foods.
This presentation will enhance your understanding of poor tongue function associated with tethered oral tissue and pathologies associated with maxillary lip and lingual frenulum ties.

This course is a cooperative offering between CEU Espresso and Carlin Speech. Before registering here you must first register on the Carlin Speech website and obtain a passcode to enter below.

You will discover ways oral dysfunction affects feeding skills and identify complications that may be impacting breastfeeding. You will acquire skills for assessing tongue function and implementing appropriate exercises for before and after a frenotomy, interventions for supporting breastfeeding & mouth development and improving breath support in infants/children.

With the hands-on demonstration of baby friendly exercises, you will walk away with a new tool box of techniques to help your youngest, most fragile clients.

Key Learning Outcomes:
  1. Identify when a lingual frenulum is considered altered, impacting lingual range of motion and function.
  2. Demonstrate early feeding interventions used to improve tongue function following frenotomies which have shown positive outcomes in feeding abilities.
  3. Explain a variety of complications impacting breastfeeding skills related to sucking synchronization, breath support and milk supply issues.
  4. Utilize therapy techniques used for pre and post frenotomy as well as baby friendly exercise techniques for developing oral motor function and breath control for improvement of sucking skills and feeding stamina.

Time Ordered Agenda:

Duration in MinutesTopic
60Ways oral dysfunction affects feeding skills
60Complications impacting breastfeeding
75Complications impacting breastfeeding
60Assessment of tongue function
60Frenotomy preoperative and postoperative
45Red flags for feeding disorders
30Constipation and Gl issues
60Interventions for improving breastfeeding & mouth development
60Functional assessment and feeding observation
75Hands on baby friendly exercises
60Hands on demonstration of baby friendly exercises
60Improving breath support in infants and children
75Tool box of techniques

Total Duration for CEUs:

13 hours.

About the Presenter:

Ellen is a board-certified speech language pathologist with a private practice in The Woodlands, TX.
Ellen completed her master’s degree in Speech Pathology at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She specializes in feeding and myofunctional disorders, structural and sensory-motor based speech disorders, developmental speech/language disorders, social- pragmatic disorders, and interventions for breastfeeding infants.
For 28 years, she has worked together with lactation consultants to provide infant feeding programs for breastfeeding infants. Ellen obtained her certification as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2015 and Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) in 2019. She works with infants, preschool and school-aged children, teens and adults; and presents nationally and international on topic areas of her specialty.


Presenter Disclosures:

Ellen M. Carlin M.S. CCC-SLP, IBCLC is the owner of Carlin Speech Pathology & Associates, Inc. and receives a salary and speaking fees for presenting continuing education courses.

Ellen M. Carlin M.S. CCC-SLP, IBCLC provides a monthly breastfeeding support group together with Houston area lactation consultants of HALCEA. This support group is free to parents of infants with tethered oral tissue who have received frenotomies and are working toward breastfeeding goals or parents of infants with oral motor dysfunction working toward breastfeeding goals. This monthly 2 hour group is provided for mommies and babies enrolled in feeding therapy at Carlin Speech Pathology & Associates, Inc.

Content Disclosure:

This learning event does not focus exclusively on any specific product or service.


Carlin Speech Pathology & Associates does not endorse the use of any product shown during the course. All products shown during this course are for educational purposes only. All attendees are cautioned to practice within their legal and ethical scope of practice.

Target Audience:

SLPs, OTs, PTs, Assistants, Educators. Appropriate for other professionals (social workers, nurses, dieticians, etc.) working with infants and young children with feeding problems.

Required for course completion:

  • Registration and payment in full
  • Record of attendance on sign-in/sign-out page with signature times noted.
  • Assessment of learner outcomes via course evaluation form at completion of course
  • Attestation to your full attendance of the course and completion of all requirements
All participants who satisfy the course completion requirements will receive a continuing education certificate showing course contact hours. No Partial Credit will be awarded.

Available Continuing Education Credits:

ASHA Brand Block for CEU Espresso

Intermediate level             1.3 ASHA CEUs

ASHA CE Provider approval and use of the Brand Block does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products or clinical procedures.


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