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Tongue Tie and Oral Dysfunction: The Impact from Breastfeeding to Table Foods

How much do lip and tongue ties affect breastfeeding? As Pediatric Feeding Specialists, we must have particular knowledge about a broad area of conditions that impact infant feeding, whether from the bottle or the breast, and up through the competent transition to Table Foods.
This presentation will enhance your understanding of poor tongue function associated with tethered oral tissue and pathologies associated with maxillary lip and lingual frenulum ties.

This course is a cooperative offering between CEU Espresso and Carlin Speech. Before registering here you must first register on the Carlin Speech website and obtain a passcode to enter below.

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You will discover ways oral dysfunction affects feeding skills and identify complications that may be impacting breastfeeding. You will acquire skills for assessing tongue function and implementing appropriate exercises for before and after a frenotomy, interventions for supporting breastfeeding & mouth development and improving breath support in infants/children.

With the hands-on demonstration of baby friendly exercises, you will walk away with a new tool box of techniques to help your youngest, most fragile clients.


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