Pediatric Feeding: The Big Picture Module 2

There is a great need for therapists competent in evaluating and treating pediatric feeding disorders. Yet few have received adequate training in this area in school. Many therapists wonder, “What happens if I get this wrong? Can I do damage as a feeding therapist? And who is supposed to treat this, anyway?”

In this second module of our series making up “Pediatric Feeding: The Big Picture Day 1”, we concentrate on the first major component of feeding disorders: Sensory issues. We discuss typical and atypical sensory responses to texture, temperature, taste, color, and even tactile elements of the eating experience affect acceptance, chewing and swallowing. We explore hierarchies for using the elements in an individualized treatment plan to improve feeding.

Key Learning Outcomes:
  • Outline the 5 elements of the sensory aspects of eating.
  • Apply the knowledge of the 5 elements of the sensory experience in treatment.
  • Describe possible effects of not addressing the sensory component in a feeding treatment plan.


60 minThe five elements of the sensory experience
40 minUsing these elements therapeutically
20 minSensory Hierarchies


2 hours.    

About the Presenter:

Jennifer Meyer is a popular national speaker in the areas of NICU and Pediatric Dysphagia and has received exceptional ratings for her courses. She has over 25 years experience specializing in pediatric feeding disorders, working in Neonatal Intensive Care Units, developing outpatient hospital-based feeding programs, providing consultation and program development for Early Childhood Intervention Programs and Home Health Companies, and serving as Assistant Clinical Professor at Texas Woman’s University and Clinical Coordinator of the Center for Assisting Families with Feeding and Eating (CAFFE).  
Presenter Disclosures:
Jennifer Meyer is a co-owner of CEU-Espresso, Inc. and was paid an honorarium for this presentation. She owns a private practice, Feeding and Dysphagia Resources, P. C. in Denton, TX.
Jennifer is a personal friend of the developer of the Res-Q Infant Wedge, sometimes mentioned in her presentations.  
Sponsor Disclosure:
This course is presented by CEU-Espresso, Inc.  
Content Disclosure:
This learning event does not focus exclusively on any specific product or service.
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  1. Janaya Bowers (verified owner)

    The parent handouts for the sensory continuum are wonderful!!!
    Very informational course!

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    I really appreciate how much work Jennifer puts into making this course relevant with well organized information that’s presented in a fun and entertaining way!

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    I’m loving these modules so far! Can’t wait for the next module.

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    Very informative and practical!

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    informative and light hearted 🙂

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    This course is amazing! I learned a lot and laughed along the way! It’s very interactive and engaging and I feel like I really understand what she was teaching, even though I haven’t used it yet. Thanks so much! I will definitely take more courses

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    awesome job

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    Wonderful course! Can’t wait for module 3.

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