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Craniofacial Anomalies and Feeding

Are you nervous about treating a child with cleft lip and/or cleft palate? In this course you’ll learn exactly how and why craniofacial anomalies affect feeding and breathing and how and when you can and cannot help.

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Breathing and eating are vital survival functions for any living being. But the presence of a cleft or other craniofacial anomaly can interfere with the normal breathing and swallowing process, affecting respiratory health, nutrition, oral-motor and speech development, and even parent-child bonding. Evaluating swallow function in a patient with a craniofacial anomaly can be quite complex and intimidating, but in this 3-hour intermediate course for SLP’s, you will discover some basic, easy-to-learn principles for analyzing how the anatomy impacts the physiology. Come learn the importance of taking into account the changes that occur over the course of the surgical intervention, therapy, and physical growth. You’ll walk away with strategies for addressing the resulting feeding issues and providing appropriate patient/family education in this population.


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