Feeding Fun Night – The Milky Way – Webinar Quiz

Thank you so much for joining us tonight for “The Milky Way: Supporting Babies at the Breast as a SLP (or Feeding Specialist)!”

During the webinar you will be presented eight codes on-screen. To earn CEUs tonight (if you registered for that option), you will be required to correctly enter seven of the eight codes. If you fail to do so tonight you will have access to the on-demand video once we get it edited and posted to our site. Then you will have another chance to earn CEUs.

Tonight we will be using Facebook Live for video and chat. Click here to open the page in another tab and you’ll be able to switch back to this page during the course to input the attendance codes in the “quiz” below. If you prefer, you can write down the codes when they appear and then switch back to this page at the end of the webinar to enter them all at once.